Massage in your workplace

With today's high-pressure and time-limited working environment, wouldn't it be nice if relaxation came to you. Well now it can!

How it works

I will arrive at your workplace with all of the equipment needed. It only takes a small space, in which you can fit a chair and one other person. It can even be done at your desk.

Workplace massages are performed:

  • Fully clothed
  • In an upright, seated position
  • With no oil
  • Session times range between 10, 15 & 20 minutes

Who pays?

In most cases the employer pays, as it is quite often tax deductable. In some cases the employee pays and the employer happy provides them with a small amount of time in which to have their massage

Employer's benefits

A valued employee is a happy and productive employee. Using workplace massage as an incentive builds staff loyalty and assists with creating happy, productive staff. It also provides positive health benefits that can reduce the occurrence of work-related injury.

  • Tax deductable
  • Proactively reduce incidence of RSI
  • Promote happier, more productive staff
  • Good performance incentive

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